Free IMVU Credits Instantly

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Free IMVU Credits Instantly

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wow. i found it finally. thanks!
wow. i found it finally. thanks!

Create a character and explore a world full of people from anywhere on the planet, interacting with them the same way you would in Habbo, all of this on the unusual social network IMVU Mobile.

Enter the colorful world of IMVU Mobile as soon as you've created your character. The main screen shows posts that other users have made, follow them to never miss a post or just take a look at their content whenever you feel like it. Comment with photos, like posts, or exchange options with other users over chat.

But the best thing about IMVU Mobile is that you can simulate any situation with your three-dimentional avatar. Virtually got to the beach, drive around, sleep, and more. Take virtual selfies and live a new, exciting life in IMVU Mobile.

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